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Our ‘Managed Spill Systerm’ has been developed in response to growing legislation to protect the environment from industrial and chemical spill contamination. This legislation has resulted in the Environmental Agency pursuing prosecution of companies and business directors for infringements of these regulations, costing them tens of thousands of pounds in fines. Using our spill management service, designed to help your company to comply with the latest environmental legislation, we can help you implement a full management program for you company.

The Chello ‘Managed Spill System’ is a total approach to spill management and takes all the responsibility for auditing, ordering stock and replenishing Spill Kits and Absorbent Stations away from the Customer. This saves on operative time and ordering costs, as well as ensuring your Kits and Absorbents Stations are always stocked to specification.

It is available to all our customers when they purchase their absorbents from the extensive Chello range and it is FREE. From the initial assessment of your site for spillage risk through to the re-stocking of your Kits and Absorbents Stations. The only cost to the customer is for the replacement absorbents.

Spill kits and absorbent stands should be monitored and fully stocked for maximum efficiency when dealing with both emergency spills (Spill Kits) and ongoing, or everyday leakages (Absorbent Stands).


We will:

  • Visit you site, identify spillage risks and recommend preventative measures.
  • Recommend Kits, Absorbents Stations and Containment products for use.
  • After delivery, set up a ‘management schedule’ that reflects you rate of usage.
  • Visit your site, check and identify the items that need re-stocking.
  • Send an audit report, to an elected member of your staff, to advise what will need ordering.
  • Once the order is placed and processed, the items are delivered to site for restocking by a member of our team.
  • Spreadsheets can be supplied on a regular basis to help track usage rates and costs, or for audit purposes under IS0140001.
Chello Offer

A designated member of the Chello team will be provided to deal with all your supply and support requirements. With over 10 years of experience in this field our customers can always be confident of the quality of the absorbents products we supply. Our proven ‘Managed Spill System’ ensures that you are always ready to  manage that spill incident effectively. 

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